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Gandhinagar’s Leading Visa & Immigration Service Consultancy


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who are Royal Immigration Consultancy

Visa & Immigration Consultancy Since 2000

Sponsoring and managing work visa parts now becoming results in the experience.

Royal Consultancy is one of the fastest emerging international immigration and visa consultants committed to providing the Indian people with all necessary information pertaining to the immigration opportunities in different counties. We take a great care of the every aspect of the admission process right from filling in the application form to securing the visa and landing in the university that best suits the student’s profile

We represent our clients only after examining their circumstances against the relevant laws determining the possibilities of their case. In an event where the clients do not meet the relevant criteria, we assist them by planning their future applications.

Over the years we have assisted hundreds of thousands of clients with their immigration applications. We have helped our clients to make their immigration goals a reality.

Unparalleled Consultancy from Experienced People

We offering a better learning experience and helping build on strengths

How we help clients

Following Steps Apply Online Visa

Once the form is filled and submitted, applicant must print the completed application form and sign and submit the physical copy along with the supporting documents and the Passport.

Step 1

Fill In The
Required Form

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Step 2

Submit All Your
Attested Documents

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Step 3

Get Ready To
Receive your Visa

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why choose Royal Immigration Consultancy

Countless Benefits & Easy Processing

Royal Immigration Consultancy provides Visa and Immigration Services to foreigners living and doing business in abroad. Royal Immigration Consultancy is one of the most experienced Visa and Immigration Consultancy, and also provides Company Incorporation and other professional consultancy services for foreigners to work abroad.

Transparent Service Legal Immigration Success

We offer competitive 100% agreed fixed fees for the benefit of our clients. Know in advance exactly what our services costs from initial enquiry to conclusion of instruction.

Hands On Expertise

Benefit from practical hands on expertise gained on the front line. Our practitioners have more than 60 years collective immigration experience.

Fully Regulated

Rest assured that you’re dealing with a fully RIS regulated nationwide law firm with robust client care standards and protection measures in place for your peace of mind.

How we help clients

Our Best Experts Ready To Help

At Royal Immigration Consultancy, our best experienced experts can also advice you on such things as preparing to enter the work force, choosing a place to live and learning about life in your new country of choice.

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Top Rated By Customers & Immigration Firms With 95% Success Rate.

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